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2018 SoCal Child Dependency Mediation Training

All Sundays, 9:30am to 4:30pm, at the USC Law School building

09/09/18, 10/07/18, 10/14/18, 10/21/18, and 11/4/18.  More information here >

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Creating Final Family Reunification Plans

Co-parenting is the most challenging relationship.  As co-parents exit children's court, mediation is their best hope for a custom, detailed, and durable parenting plan.

We are the good news! 

Healing the heart of social conflict begins when parents learn better (more successful and less harmful) ways to communicate, negotiate, and agree.

Parents Create Their Own Agreements

Our "first-of-its-kind" workshop style approach to conflict engagement, proven over  4 years by an elite team of specially-trained volunteer mediators has led to a 95% Agreement Rate.  

This program is raising the standards for all mediation, especially court-connected mediation programs, and doing it right where it's needed most.  The techniques developed here are widely applicable.

For only $200,000 a year, we can keep these elite peacemakers learning, innovating, and reuniting co-parenting families, instead of ultimately losing them to other fields.

Your Elite SoCal Team of Mediators

SoCal mediators come from diverse backgrounds, with Juris Doctorates and Master's degrees in Peacemaking, Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, and Psychology.  They pass a security background check, and complete a rigorous training program.

The next training begins September 9, 2018, at USC Law School.  Join our collaborative, friendly, family-style team of exceptional Volunteer Child Dependency Mediators.  Find out more.

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The things People Say

Donna Bernstein, Attorney, L. A. Dependency Lawyers Inc. -

 “Southern California Family Mediation provides a sophisticated, equitable, meaningful agreement, the way a child’s visitation schedule should be. Because if they know what to do, it alleviates the stress and confusion, and makes for a much more peaceful coexistence. 

They are highly, highly recommended by a veteran Children’s Court attorney.”  

Dennis Smeal, Supervising Attorney, Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers Inc. -

 “Children’s Court cases end, but the consequences must be dealt with by the families everyday thereafter. Thanks to Southern California Family Mediation, exit orders of all kinds are being negotiated regularly, thoroughly, and with great compassion for the families involved.” 

Jennifer Bryan, Attorney, L. A. Dependency Lawyers Inc. -

 “Southern California Family Mediation has resolved my most difficult cases that I did not believe could be resolved without court intervention.” 

Parent -

 “It was very helpful for both parents, very clear and very smooth for fixing and finding an agreement. Thank you so much for your help.” 

Parent -

"I'm sorry I was so hard on you in the beginning.  I didn't understand at first what you were doing to help us.  I really just want you to understand how much you did for us.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate all you did to help us coparent better.  It's still going to be tough, but at least now we have a chance."

Parent -

 “I appreciate that we were able to agree upon things to simplify a tough situation. Thank you for helping us compromise.” 

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