Join The Elite Team of SoCal Mediators!

We are a teaching and learning organization, where you will teach and learn to excel as a mediator.

Training Dates (all mandatory):  

All Sundays, 9:30am to 4:30pm, at the USC Law School

 09/09/18, 10/07/18, 10/14/18, 10/21/18, and 11/4/18.

We are looking for a two year commitment, minimum of one day every other week, but 

you will get better faster if you can commit to one day per week.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, Southern California Family Mediation is the leading edge of modern mediation.

We prove that every day, not just by achieving and maintaining a 95% Agreement Rate in the harshest, and California Superior Court-connected, conflict environment possible, but also by modeling what it means to be Elite Peacemakers.  

Much of what you learn and teach here, about mediating through impasse at every turn, is universally applicable and scalable throughout society and the World.

This is the Premier Certification, in the Field of Mediation.

Once you join the Certified Southern California Family Mediation, Elite Team of Mediators, you are a team member for life.

Child Dependency Mediators must meet the following minimum qualifications.

Note:  On a case-by-case basis, we may approve the substitution of experience for education, or education for experience. 

  1. An appropriate advanced degree; and
  2. Two years of experience as an attorney, a referee, a judicial officer, a mediator, or a child welfare worker in juvenile dependency court, or three years of experience in mediation or counseling; and
  3. Completion of at least 40 hours of initial dependency mediation training, which we will provide. 

Candidates are considered, based on quality character, attitude/mindset, education, experience, and uniqueness of personhood

If you are driven to become a great...elite peacemaker, 

SoCal Family Mediation just may be the team for you.

2017 Annual Training at USC Law School

As individuals, our expectation is that you will progress from a great or good mediator to an exceptional mediator.  

SoCal Family Mediation is a friendly, family-style team.  

We create and share cutting edge mediation tools & techniques. 

And we spend some time just getting to know & understand each other better.

Ongoing Education

It all begins with your 'Growth Mindset' and desire to be a legendary Peacemaker.


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Good Times  !!!

Child Dependency Mediation Training is Free for our volunteers, because you're so awesome!!!

You will be required to pass a free, basic Superior Court Security Clearance.

Please, begin by emailing your resume to: 

If you have questions, you can call us directly at 1+818-575-6900 (no text on this line).