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Our Mission

We help the most at-risk co-parenting families create their own detailed, customized & durable parenting (visitation) plans.  We serve all of Los Angeles County, California, at the Child Dependency Courts.

We also help biological, adopting & foster parents and guardians avoid years of adversarial and painful litigation.  

What We Do


Exclusively Serve The Co-Parenting Families and Children's Courts of Los Angeles County

We are the only mediation program reuniting co-parenting families at all 25 courtrooms and both courthouses of the California, Los Angeles County Superior Dependency Court.

Provide Our Own Training

Because no other court-connected program meets our standards of success, we must design and teach our own Child Dependency Mediation training.  We offer our training once a year, and it is taught by our Leadership Team and our Founder, L. A. County Superior Court Commissioner, Marilyn Mordetzky. 


USC Partnership

We are in our third year of our partnership with the USC Gould School of Law. In the Fall, LLM and Master's in Dispute Resolution students, who have completed the prerequisite co-mediate with our elite team of Volunteer Mediators. In the Spring, second and third year law school students, who have completed the prerequisite co-mediate with our elite team of Volunteer Mediators.  


Provide a Teaching and Learning Environment

We co-mdeiate, meaning there are two or more mediators leading each mediation. Mediators have a number of private meetings with a Supervising Mediator throughout the course of each mediation. We actively seek constructive feedback from each other, parents, attorneys, judges, and other mediation professionals. We also conduct a Lessons Learned debriefing at the conclusion of every mediation. 



Provide Hope & Actionable Solutions

Every conflict can be thought of as a self-contained workshop, because there are the "conflict partners", the presenting issues, the underlying issues, and the solution, which the conflict has wrapped itself around.  

This workshop mentality empowers co-parents as they come together to learn about their conflict and learn to how negotiate more successfully & less harmfully.  Before they even realize it, 96% of co-parents have created their own agreements.

We will serve 1,000 parents & children, in 2019.

A lot of little agreements add up to one big agreement!!  Maybe even more importantly, parents come away with new perspectives, tools and techniques for dealing with their co-parenting challenges, and they may have agreed for the first time... ever... on anything.

It is commonplace for coparents who have not spoken in months or even years to be seen having lunch together, while attorneys stand mouths agape.  This is the reality.  We are the good news!