Ways You Can Help

A) By Check

Southern California Family Mediation inc. is a California corporation, waiting for the IRS to complete our 501c3 nonprofit approval.  In the meantime, Foster Care Counts is generously acting as our pro-bono Fiscal Receiver.  This means that 100% of your donation will be passed through to Southern California Family Mediation, and you will receive a Donor Acknowledgment for your taxes.

  1. Please, make your check out to: "Foster Care Counts"
  2. Write in the Memo line: "For SoCal Family Mediation"
  3. Include your return address information for your Donor Acknowledgement
  4. Mail to:  

SoCal, Care of: Foster Care Counts

Suite 1500

11150 Santa Monica Blvd.  

Los Angeles, CA 90025 

B) Spread The Good News

SoCal Family Mediation is making real inroads, reuniting families and reducing social conflict.  Our program can be applied to other systems. Please, tell your friends and family members about our good work.  We will be happy to speak at your event.  

C) Join our Elite Team of Volunteer Mediators



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