Peace is the foundation for all philanthropy. It is time to support peace.

Why This Matters

Conflict Affects Us All

Every time a child is removed from his or her support systems (family, school, friends) their chances of graduating high school are reduced, and they are more likely to grow-up to become homeless, or incarcerated.


Broken children lead to broken adults and broken windows.  By serving families & children, we are helping to save communities.

Generational Conflict

Standing in line at the Children's Court Cafeteria, see Mom, 15, holding her baby.  Behind her are Grandma, 30, and Great Grandma, 45.   They may have been in the juvenile justice system their entire lives.  Who will stop this, if not we?  And when will it stop, if not now?


 “This program has improved the public service at the Dependency Court, and provided integrity to the court system, by enabling coparents to participate in a meaningful mediation regarding the custody, visitation, medical, and educational plans for their children. These concrete and specific Parenting Plan agreements, for Final Juvenile Custody Order Judgements can be used in the Family Law Courts, to provide continuity, cohesion, and a pathway to continuing the family needs and goals, once they leave the dependency system. A specific visitation schedule for families enhances the chances that they will not return to the dependency system. There are provisions for safety, stability, and permanency for the children.”  

- Marilyn M. Mordetzky, L.A. County Commissioner

Your Support Can Change Everything


It’s Graduation Day!


After 18-months of investment including supervision, home inspections, therapy, Parenting & other classes, overcoming addiction, and attending multiple court hearings, guardians or high-conflict separated coparents are exiting the Juvenile Justice System, and they need a parenting plan. 

Now is not the time to drop the ball.  Without Southern California Family Mediation, here’s what happens - Too often an exit order reads simply: “Parents will agree to a parenting plan.” Emotions are high, and many coparents lack the relational foundation and organizational, interpersonal & negotiation skills to create an agreement without specialized assistance. Instead of a fresh start with a legitimate chance at peaceful coparenting, this catastrophic lack of support and guidance at this critical juncture leads to increased conflict and multigenerational failure.

SCFM Mediators help parents & guardians develop the skills they need to create their own customized agreement. These are the same skills they will need to coparent peacefully for their children. Details include: holiday & visitation schedules, exchanges, communication & contingency plans, and provisions for the health, safety & wellbeing of the children. 

We also help adopting parents, foster parents, and guardians avoid years of adversarial and painful litigation.