Why This Matters

Conflict Affects Us All

Broken children lead to broken adults and broken windows.  

Generational Conflict

Standing in line at the Children's Court Cafeteria, see Mom, 15, holding her baby.  Behind her are Grandma, 30, and Great Grandma, 45.   Who will stop this, if not we?  And when will it stop, if not now?

The Solution

 “This program has improved the public service at the Dependency Court, and provided integrity to the court system, by enabling coparents to participate in a meaningful mediation regarding the custody, visitation, medical, and educational plans for their children. These concrete and specific Parenting Plan agreements, for Final Juvenile Custody Order Judgements can be used in the Family Law Courts, to provide continuity, cohesion, and a pathway to continuing the family needs and goals, once they leave the dependency system. A specific visitation schedule for families enhances the chances that they will not return to the dependency system. There are provisions for safety, stability, and permanency for the children.”  - Marilyn M. Mordetzky, L.A. County Commissioner

Your Support Can Change Everything

Family Reunification, healing, begins with belief.

We are the believers.  We donate our time to make this program possible, because it works, and it matters to those whom need it most.

"Sometimes, when you find Mediation, Mediation finds you." - LRD

Proof of Concept

In the Juvenile Justice Courts, 10 to 20% Agreement Rates were leading to Exit Orders that were so devoid of details and sometimes even contradictory that they were actually making coparents' conflicts worse.  

Also, what was this teaching the World about mediation and the future of peace?   

"There's nothing I like less than bad arguments for a view that I hold dear." - Rose Kennedy

We said, There's got to be a better way, and we will prove it.  

Our 95% agreement rate, proven over four years, is changing the way courts look at their Assisted Dispute Resolution (ADR) service offerings.

Peacemakers will do it for free, true, however... Sustainability

Yes, our work is so important that we will do it for free... for as long as we can, because nothing fills a person's sails like helping families transform, as they learn to become better-prepared to face a coparenting future more peacefully and less harmfully.  

  • "You can't eat peace." 
  • It's a long-standing tradition in the court system to "allow" mediators to work for free. 
  • If we want to have exceptional peacemakers healing the heart of social conflict, we need to make it possible for them to work, live, and survive as peacemakers.
  • For four years, the mediators have paid for this program out of our own pockets.   We created the program, innovated a better way, and proved its effectiveness.
  • If peacemakers simply can't afford to survive, we will have high volunteer turnover resulting in an inability to produce the elite peacemakers that are so desperately needed.
  • Now, it's time to introduce program sustainability.  Children's Court Mediation is free.  This critical service needs the charitable support of those whom can & those whom care.

  • This is a lean, affordable program that provides great value, serving all 25 L.A. County Children's Courtrooms, for only $200,000 annually.  
  •  When we meet our initial goal of paying mediators $50 per day, it will be an historic milestone representing hope for a more peace-able, conflict-capable world.